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Key investors, leaders of investment companies, family offices, and also heads of royal Family offices from the Middle East find interest in 49 Flags Investments Expo. Meetings are pre-agreed with participants, scheduled and organized during the 49 Flags Investments Expo for 3 days continuous. In 47 Flags Investments Expo, more than 2,000 private one-on-one meetings were organized, the participants of the 47 Flags Expo reached agreements on concluding deals for more than 1 billion dollars.

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We interviewed major global investors, who took part in our past investments summits and 47 Flags Investment Expo, and found out that their opinions are alike. Today, more than ever, direct contact with the project owner is a necessity to decide investing in the project. For most investors, personal impression is a key to make up their mind.

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That is why, within the framework of the 49 Flags Investment Expo project, a group of world-class experts develops a special communication platform for the investment industry. For most investors, personal impression is a key to make up their mind.

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Join the 49 Flags Investment Expo of the most powerful, and rich investors of the planet right now. The speed of decision-making is an adequate response to the challenge of time.

So, 49 Flags Team remind you that, if you have an interesting investment project or want to participate in the most elite investment Expo, you still have time to send an application and become a participant.

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