Luxurious 108 sqm stand in Investment Expo

  • Prominent position of company name and logo on promotional material, publications (electronic and print) and merchandise approved by event committee.
  • Acknowledgement by the AWI President or CEO in opening and closing sessions of the conference
  • Opportunity for one spokesperson from sponsor to address conference delegates during opening plenary session
  • Naming rights for a plenary session during the event (timing and topic to be negotiated)
  • Complimentary full-page advertisement in AWI’s Every monthly magazine for 12 months valued at $3124
  • Company logo (with hyperlink to website) and a 250 word paragraph appearing on the 49 Flags website.
  • Exclusive access to the conference investors delegates contact list.

It is Expo before Expo 2020, so you will be going to have huge exposure of more than 2000 Companies


Join the 49 Flags Expo of the most powerful, and rich investors of the planet right now. The speed of decision-making is an adequate response to the challenge of time.

Addition: The following benefits will be provided as part of this sponsorship package: –

  • Ideal position of stall in Expo with size 108m² stall (fabrication included)
  • Return ticket & visa for four people (Only for Asia & Africa)
  • Logo in our selected indoor & outdoor venue branding – Name in our radio advertisement
  • Logo in our TV campaign – Logo in our online campaign for the Expo (selective)
  • Logo on Expo panels in UAE – Logo on official Expo invites
  • Logo & acknowledgement on the event website’s main page
  • Magazine ad to help give your project post-event exposure
  • A commemorative shield

We have approached Some Major Title Sponsors from Government, Private & Public Sectors